An installation by Micah Lexier
Featuring a Story by Derek McCormack and twenty-thousand Custom Minted Coins

Project curated by Dawn Cain, Curator, BMO Corporate Art Collection
Assisted by Elisa Coish, Curatorial Associate, BMO Corporate Art Collection

Story written by Derek McCormack

Painting (reproduced on the invitation) by Neil Wedman

Mounting pins welded by Ulrich Dehez
Assisted by Zsolt Szekely and Remy Fox

Coin polishing by Ken Nicol

Installation by Dustin Baldwin
Assisted by Todd Selig

Computer renderings by Joshua Coulis

Graphic design by Tom Koken

Proofreading by Suzanne Needs

Additional assistance by Crystal Casuccio, Alastair Crombie,
Laura Simon, Alexandra Watson Mendis and Emma Dehez

Painting photographed by Stuart McCall

Installation photographed by Toni Hafkenscheid

Website by Gordon Hicks